Age of Worms campaign log

This is just a timeline, not meant to be an in depth log of the game (one of the players is free to create such a log)

The year is 595 CY.

First Session

Occurred on Jan 8th, 2010

Day 1
Party met at the abandoned mining shack. Embarked on first adventure together, went to Whispering Cairn. Encountered wolves, found a lantern, figured out the sarcophagus puzzle, explored the architect's workshop.

Second Session

Jan 22nd, 2010

Day 2
Freedom was purchased for Vararius & Elissta.

Day 3
Party returned to Whispering Cairn. Began exploring Laborers quarters. Hishner fell down elevator shaft, got as close to death as possible (health of -9, made stabilize check) Fought Beetles, swarns & Mad Slasher. Healed Hishner, discovered water filled showers, fought water elemental, then Ghoul. Started draining Showers
Day 4
Explored showers, found last lantern. Solved lantern puzzle in crypt room, found passage of the face (fortunately did not have to endure wind trap), encountered iron sphere trap, fought grick.

Third Session

Day 4 continues

Talked to Alastor Land, agreed to bury his bones with his family. Entered the true tomb, fought 2 Wind Warriors (tough combat, Vitarri almost died, Hisher was down to 0HP). Located true sarcophagus, found Zosiel's diadem, and what appears to be a Talisman of the sphere.
Day 5

Rested (except for Vitarri, who worked.
Day 6

Day 7

Talked to Allustan. Went to Land graveyard, discovered Alastor's family had been dug up and removed. Buried Alastor's bones. Followed tracks up to Land Farmstead, discovered a wounded owlbear, defeated it, bonded to its baby. That night, went to the Feral Dog to talk to Kullen and cronies about the grave robbery. Learned the bones went to the old observatory.
Day 8

(Early morning)

Fought Tomb Mote outside of observatory. Entered observatory, fought skeletons. Killed room full of docile zombies.

Fourth Session

Still Day 8

Killed Filge & pals in Observatory Theater. Rested, Talked to Allistan
Day 9

Scouted mine in the evening, tunnelled into mine from outside of wooden stockade around mining camp. Went down elevator, encountered tiefling guards, skeletons, and cult fanatics.

Fifth Session

Still Day 9

Entered maze, killed some weasels, a lot of lame Kenku rogues, and a sorcerer. Killed 2 acolytes, more rogues, and an allip.

Sixth Session

Still day 9

Killed 2 acolytes & the Faceless one
Day 10

Entered Caves of Erythnu (grimlock Caverns), killed krenshars, grimlocks, chocker, otygh

Seventh Session

Still day 10

Finished up Grimlock caverns, fought 2 Ebon Aspects
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