As the game began

It is late spring, northern Mediterranean climate

The moon is 3/4 full and waxing.

City of Cassomir is walled by 12' walls, gates are closed at night. City is on the waterfront, and the walls go out about 20' into the water.

The church of Desna has 1 5th level cleric, 3 3rd level clerics, and a handful of 1st level clerics (including Unplain).


Life used to be pretty good, but a new lord has risen in power about 10 years ago, and he rules with an iron fist. Order is maintained through strict enforcement of the law. A few months ago, the royal guard went to a merchant's house and took him away, offering no explanation. He hasn't been seen since. A couple of weeks after that, it happened again, this time taking a street performer. In the last month another 16 people have been taken. In once case, the person being taken resisted, and their entire family is now missing as well.

Then they came for you. They asked for you by name. They knew who they wanted.

Asking around after escaping, you found out about once a week a list of names and locations comes in from Oppara (the capitol).

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