This page lists the ways in which the Friday Night Campaign differs from the Pathfinder rules (I want to document all the rules exceptions we are using, so that we all know what they are).If you think a variant should be added, just ask, the answer is likely yes. This list will likely grow as players request variants.

  • Knowledge: local must specify a location, and the check applies to anything within 50 miles of that location at full bonus. The DC goes up by 2 for every 10 miles past that, topping out at 100 miles. You can put ranks in more than one Knowledge:local location if you wish.
  • Fast Mount: fail by 10 or more, you fall off.
  • XP required to level is double the pathfinder fast chart, see FridayNightCampaignXpLog.

Rulings (answers to questions we didn't find in the pathfinder books):

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