Shackled City

The Shackled City is the D&D 3.5 campaign KevinSeghetti is running most Sundays, started Fall 2009. It is based on The Shackled City adventure path, from Paizo.

The adventure begins in a medium sized town named Cauldron built into the caldera of a dormant volcano. Each of you can decide if your character grew up in Cauldron, or elsewhere. Being in a volcano, Cauldron seems earthy, so characters from their may have an earth focus. For more on Cauldron, see CityOfCauldron

Game Style

  • the purpose of this game is for everyone to have fun. The rules only exist to create a fair and predictable environment to have fun in. Be sure to let me know if a rule seems restrictive or unfair.

  • Anything found in any of the D&D 3.5 rulebooks is allowed (ask about anything in Unearthed Arcana, since it isn't part of the rules proper, but instead lists potential variations). Since I haven't read all of the 3.5 books, let me know about stuff you are pulling from other rulebooks so I can study up on them, and make sure we agree on interpreting how they work.

  • Each player can create whatever class they want, but you may want to collaborate on who is playing what, since the party probably won't do well if you are all similar classes (although it could be pretty interesting).

  • I would like everyone to start creating their characters now so that they can be ready when we first get together, this way we can start adventuring our first session. That will also allow me to review the characters and work up some back story for them. You can use whatever form you like, but I recommend using one of the CharacterSheets I made, since they are easy to modify into exactly what you want, and the calc version saves a lot of drudgery by automatically calculating many of the fields. Plus if you use that version you can email me your character.

  • In the interest of making our limited gaming time more productive, I am thinking that leveling up should occur between sessions. I will hand out XP after each encounter. If you want to be able to level up during play, I will allow that if you already have a character sheet prepared at the next level (so all you need to do is transfer any changes which occurred that session to the new sheet).

-- KevinSeghetti - 03 Sep 2009

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