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Kevin Seghetti is the father of the Tenetti family.
I can usually be found at 40.610900,-122.4588, 700Ft. Google Map
I currently work as a freelance contractor
Resume My GPG key

Contact: My middle name is Travis. My email address is my 3 initials in lowercase at My cell number is 530- two four one .6733-1111 (subtract 1 from each of the last 4 digits).

Kevin's mad ravings

Open Source projects I have worked on:

Other Interests

Cool people I know

(Whose home page url's I know, if you want to be added to this list send me a url)

Companies I have co-founded (all of which eventually tanked):

  • DeveloperResources?
  • CaveLogicStudios?
  • RecombinantLimited?

Since I have heard from a few ex-Alexandrians lately I decided to put up a page: AlexandriaAlumni
Very old TimeLine (I need to add a decade or so to it wink


Books/stuff I want (hint hint)

(I wear XL these days, but working back towards L)

Other interesting links

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