KevinSeghetti's technical bookshelf This is just a list of what I have, some of these books are good, many of them suck.

Title Author ISBN
Code Design
Writing Solid Code Steve Maguire 1-55615-551-4
Debugging the Development Process Steve Maguire 1-55615-650-2
Dynamics of Software Development Jim McCarthy 1-55615-823-8
No Bugs! David Thielen 0-201-60890-1
Multi-platform Code Management Kevin Jameson 1-56592-059-7
Code Complete Steve McConnell 1-55615-484-4
Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Development Bruce Webster 1-55851-397-3
Literate Programming Donald Knuth 0-9370-7380-6
The Art of Ware Bruce Webster 1-55851-396-5
The Tao of Objects Gary Entsminger 1-55851-155-5
Design Patterns Gamma,Helm,Johnson & Vlissides 0-201-63361-2
The art of Ware Bruce Webster 1-55851-396-5
Constructing Language processors for little languages Eandy Kaplan 0-471-59754-6
The Data Compression book Mark Nelson 1-55851-214-4
Computing Catastropphies Robert Glass ?
software portability with imake Paul DuBois 1-56592-055-4
Perl Best Practices Damian Conway 0-596-00173-8
Perl in a Nutshell Seiver, Spainhour & Patwardhan 1-56592-287-7
Perl 5 Pocket Reference Johan Vromans 0-596-00032-4
Perl Developer's Guide Peschko & DeWolfe 0-07-212630-2
Instant Perl Modules Sparling & Wiles 0-07-212962-X
Perl By Example Ellie Quigley 0-13-655689-2
Perl Programmer's Reference Martin Brown 0-07-212142-4
Perl web site workshop Holzschlag & Pellerin 0-672-32275-7
Teach yourself Perl in 21 day David Til 0-672-30586-0
The C++ Programming Language, third edition Bjarn Stroustrup 0-201-88954-4
Modern C++ Design Andrei Alexandrescu 0-201-70431-5
The Design and Evolution of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup 0-201-5433-3
The C++ Standard Library Nicolai Josuttis 0-201-37926
Effective C++ Scott Meyers 0-201-56364-9
More Effective C++ Scott Meyers 0-201-63371-X
Effective STL Scott Meyers 0-201-74962-9
Thinking in C++ Bruce Eckel 0-13-917709-4
Industrial Strength C++ Henricson & Nyquist 0-13-120965-5
The (ANSI) C Programming Language Kernighan & Ritchie 0-13-110362-8
The C Programming Language Kernighan & Ritchie 0-13-110163-3
Large Scale C++ Design John Lakos 0-201-63362-0
C++ Programming Style Tom Cargill 0-201-56365-7
Fractal Programming and Ray Tracing with C++ Roger Stevens 1-55851-118-0
The C++ Standard Library from Scratch Pablo Halpern 0-7897-2128-7
Black Belt C++ Bruce Eckel 1-55851-334-5
STL Tutorial and Reference Guide Musser & Saini 0-201-63398-1
C++ Templates and tools Scott Ladd 1-55851-465-1
C++ IOStreams Handbook Steve Teale 0-201-59641-5
C++ I/O Streams, Containers, and Standard Classes Scott Ladd 1-55851-463-5
Inside the C++ Object Model Stanley Lippman 0-201-83454-5
C++ Gems Stanly Lippman 0-13570581-9
Ruminations on C++ Koenig & Moo 0-201-42339-1
Efficient C/C++ Programming Steve Heller 0-12-339095-8
Data Abstraction and Object oriiented Programming in C++ Gorlen,Orlow & Plexico 0-471-92346
Secrets of the C++ Master Jeff Alger 0-12-049940-1
Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms James Coplien 0-201-54855-0
Reliable Data Structures in C Thomas Plum 0-911537-04
The STL Primer Glass & Schuchert 0-13-454976-7
C++ FAQs Cline & Lomow 0-201-58958-3
C++ Programmers guide to the STL Mark Nelson 1-56884-314-3
C++ Programming Powerpack Michael Vilot 0-672-30279-9
Web Development
Javascript The Definitive Guide David Flanagan 1-56592-392-8
Dynamic HTML THe Definitve Reference Danny Goodman 0-596-00316-1
Learning XML Erik Ray 0-596-00046-4
Strategic XML W. Scott Means 0 -672-32175-0
XML Developer's Handbook Kurt Cagle 0-7821-2704-5
XML Schemas Valentine, Dykes & Tittel 0-7821-4045-9
XML Processing with Perl, Python & PHP Martin Brown 0-7821-4021-1
Definited XML Application Development Lars Garshol 0-13-088902-4
Nitty Gritty XML Stein & Dellwig 0-201-75874-1
Mastering XML Whilte, Quin & Burman 0-7821-2847-5
Unix / Linux
Unix Network Programming, Vol 1 W. Richard Stevens 013490012-X
Unix Network Programming, Vol 2 W. Richard Stevens 013081081-9
Advanced Unix Programming Warren Gay 0-672-31990-X
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment W. Richard Stevens 0-201-56317-7
Beginning Linux Programming Matthew & Stones 1-874416-68-0
Linux Application Development Johnson & Troan 0-201-30821-5
lex & yacc Levine, Masno & Brown 1-56592-000-7
TCP/IP Network Administration Craig Hunt 0-937175-82-X
Unix for the Impatient Abrahams & Larson 0-201-55703-7
Understanding the Linux Kernel Bovet & Cesati 0-596-00213-0
Gnu Emacs Manual, V19 Richard Stallman 10882114-03-5
The practical SQL Handbook Bowman, Emerson & Darnovsky 0-201-44787-8
PHP MySQL Website programming Lea, Buzzard,Cinis,Thomas 1-861008-27-9
Database Design for Mere Mortals, 2nd Edition Michael Hernandez 0-201-75284-0
Matrices and Liner Transformation Charles Cullen -486-66328-0
Matrices and Transformations Anthony Pettofrezzo 0-486-63634-8
The Four Color problem Saaty & Kainen 0-486-65092-8
Computer Graphics principles and practice, 2nd edition Foley & van Dam 0-201-12110-7
Graphics Gems Andrew Glassner 0-12-286166-3
OpenGL Programming Guide, 3rd Edition Woo, Neider, Davis, Shreiner 0-201-60458-2
OpenGL Reference Guide, 2nd Edition Kempf & Frazier 0-201-46140-4
OpenGL SuperBible Wright & Sweet 0-57169-073-5
Linux 3D Graphics Programming Norman Lin 1-55622-723
Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programing Norman Lin 1-55662-853-8
3D Game Engine Design David Eberly 1-55860-593-2
Tricks of the Games Programming Gurus LaMothe, Ratcliff, Seminatore & Tyler 0-672-30507-0
Tricks of the Graphics Gurus Oliver, Anderson, McCord, Gumas & Zigon, 0-672-30308-6
Black Art of 3D Game Programming Andre LaMothe 1-57169-004-2
VRML Sourcebook Ames, Nadeau, Moreland 0-471-14159-3
3D Graphics File Formats Keith Rule 0-201-48835-3
Zen of Graphics Programming Michael Abrash 1-883577-08
Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques Watt & Watt 0-201-54412-1
Encyclopedia of Graphics FIle Formats Murry & VanRyper 1-56592-058-9
Other Languages
TCL and the Tk Toolkit John Ousterhout 0-201-63337
PHP4 Developers Guide Blake Schwendiman 0-07-212731-7
Midi programmers Handbook DeFuria & Scacciaferro 1-55851-068-0
Musical Applications of Microprocessors, 2nd Edition Hal Chamberlin 0-672-45768-7
The new Hacker's Dictionary Eric Raymod 0-262-68069-6
Programmer's Problem Solver for the IBM PC Robert Jourdain 0-89303-787-7
How to program the Z80 Rodney Zaks 0-89588-047-4
MC68000 Programmers Refernce Manual ? 0-13-723289-6
MIPS Risc Architecture Kane & Heinrich 0-13-590472-2
6502 Assembly Language Programming Lance Leventhal 0-931988-27-6
Developing Your Own 32Bit Operating System Richard Burgess 0-672-30655-7
Z80 Assemby Language Programming Manual Zilog ?

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