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Should gay people be allowed to marry?

This is an easy one. The constitution says the church and state should be seperate. Marriage is clearly a church concept. Therefore there should be no legal definition of marriage. There is no reason for the state to recognize any marriage anyway, it should have no say in the matter.

What about property ownership, paternity, etc.?

The way it works now is when people who get married sign the license they agree to a whole body of law which can be changed without notice at any time. Not a very wise move. A much better way to do it would be for each couple to have their own contract which specifies exactly what their arangement is. This way they and only they can change the terms of the contract. For those who don't want to think that hard I am sure pre-built marriage contracts will be easy to come by (although I think that each party should consider these issues carefully before gettnig married).

What about tax breaks?

Why exactly should making a commitment to someone else change ones tax rate? People who live together get a break anyway since they can share many expenses, like rent, power and communications services. But if you insist, the irs could give tax breaks to people each church reccomends. (sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet that is what we have now, they just only listen to the most popular church


So once marriage is only an arangment with one's church or faith then the question of who is allowed to marry is delegated to them. If a particular faith is against gay marriage then they can deny it, while another faith might encourage chain marriages.
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