! Notes on my laptop.

! make WG511T work from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38972

Here is a simple and easy way to get the Netgear Wg511T card up and running in easy steps. In 5 minutes you will be up and running.

  1. start up a root console
  2. type: iwconfig ( this will give you your card info and network /wireless info)
  3. type: iwconfig ath0 channel 6 ( substitute channel 6 for whichever channel your router is transmitting on)
  4. Type: iwlist scan ( this may take a minute, this will give you your routers wireless settings.)
  5. Edit /etc/network/interfaces, add 'wireless-essid NETGEAR' and 'wireless-ap #' to the 'auto ath0' (where # is the Address printed by iwlist scan

Old instructions for getting it to work on a live CD
  1. Type: iwconfig ath0 essid xxxxxx ( replace xxxxxx with your routers essid)
  2. Type: iwconfig ath0 ap xx xx xx xx xx xx( this is the six double digit mac address required and is listed in your iwlist scan message as above.)
  3. Type: iwconfig ath0 key XXXXXXXXXX ( replace XXXXXXXX with your own hex wep key )
  4. type: dhclient ( this gets your dhcp sorted ) you should now be up and running.

! Disable tap to click on touchpad

Add Option "MaxTapTime" "0" to your synaptics section in xorg and it should fix this (it also disables tap-to-click completely).

-- KevinSeghetti - 26 Apr 2007
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