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This is Kevin Seghetti's newbie guide to Magic Online. This contains some information about Magic Online which I had to find the hard way because I couldn't find it in the online manual. Note that most of these answers came from experience, not an authority, so some of them could be incorrect. Also, I hadn't played magic for a few years, so some of these might be obvious to a current player.

This is hosted on a wiki, so feel free to edit this page to add your own questions or answers.

If you have trouble with the user interface (as I have on several occasions), I find it helpful to go into casual play and play a game of solitare and experiment with whatever I am having trouble with.

FAQ with answers

What is a ticket?
A ticket is used to buy your way into events, like leagues. You will be told if you need one (or more than one).
What does the graveyard symbol to the left of the card name mean?
It indicates the card can be used in some way from the graveyard (usually flashback).
If I buy sealed packs for a league, will I have the cards for general play?
Yes, immediatly after you have joined the league (which opens the decks/packs).
But my league deck has the wrong color land
In league mode you can right-click on a basic land to trade it in for another basic land. I am planning to trade most of my land in for land I am weak in in my collection near the end of the league (since it appears I can only trade in lands in a league).
How do I use madness?
I lost a game because I didn't understand how to activate madness. When you are prompted to discard cards, right-click on the card with madness and choose "discard using madness". It will ask you to place your trigged abilities onto the stack. Click on the card with madness and it will place the effect onto the stack. The it will say "cleanup step. Play instants and abilities". Tap any mana needed, then right-click the madness card in the Madness cards window and select "Play with Madness". Note that the menu option will not be available unless you have enough mana in your mana pool.

Questions I don't know the answers to:

Why aren't there 7th edition starter packs in the store?
I don't know
Then how do I get basic lands?
I guess from a preconstructed deck or from tournament packs. Inside of a league there is an "add land" option, but you only get to use the added land inside of the league. Update Each tournament pack contains 6 of each basic land type, so a couple of tournament packs should do it.
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