Music I have written:

Lately I have playing bass and guitar a lot with Rocksmith, so hankering to record again. I also recently purchased a Maschine, so am starting to play with that.

A friend did a sog a day challege, and listed me as a friend who should do the same. I don't have enough free time to write something every day, but will try at least once a week. Mostly using this to learn how to use Maschine In 2012 I was in a band, we recorded a few of our songs:

I haven't written much since around 1997, around then I decided to learn to play the drums. I am currently in the process of building a 24 track studio in hopes of recording some local artists (and myself), so I may start writing again (although right now I am happy to just write drum parts for other people's compositions).

The following was all created with midi sequences since I didn't have any hard disk recording ability back then.

Unfortunately all of these were captured from an audio cassette, I haven't maintained the ability to reproduce these (probably could for the newer stuff, but I would have to resurect an Amiga for the older stuff.

Probably used Cubase, around 1996-1997 or so Older, maybe used trax, 1993-1995 or so Really old, used Dr. T's on the amiga, around 1989-1992

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