List of projects I wish someone would do for me


  • Fix broken eve where tree fell on it
  • install door sweeps
  • obtain and install transition pieces between hardwood floor and carpet
  • obtain and install transition pieces between hardwood floor and kitchen
  • Put up ceiling moldings in living room
  • reinstall hallway molding


  • Set up an automated attendent / voice mail system for my PBX using my Dialogic board (preferablly using Linux software so I can have features like emailing my voicemail to me).
  • Transcode all of my DVDs so they take less space
  • *Write a script to mount a DVD, transcode all of the VOB files to MPEG4 (or whatever gives the best compression without reduction in quality), then create a new DVD image
  • *Make ogle able to play these new compression formats (it can only play mpeg-2, probably the best way to do this would be to add an mplayer interface to it)
  • Set up a Linux based media system with MythTV
  • Back up all of my servers
  • Setup a Linux based video editing machine with support for my miniDV video camera (Travis wants to make some movies)

  • Go over all of my old computer equipment, determine what works and what doesn't, and get rid of broken stuff.

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