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Alexandria Alumni This page contains contact and status information on people who worked at Alexandria. It is a WikiWikiWeb page, so anyone can edit it and add or...
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Kevin Seghetti's bookmarks of interesting places on the web Cool software I wish I had time to play with * * http://www.digitals...
Main.KevinSeghetti's technical bookshelf This is just a list of what I have, some of these books are good, many of them suck. Title Author ISBN Code De...
Of my skills, bitching is probably what I am the best at. So here are some things which annoy me, or I find stupid: Most edutainment software It is pretty clear ...
This is a work in progress, these ideas need to be expressed more clearly Corporations exist because we the people allow them to. We grant them the power to aggre...
I bought a Dell Inspiron 8500 November of 2003 for over $2000. Since then I have had nothing but problems: * Keyboard failed: the backspace key stopped working...
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KTS D D resources. I have moved this page to its own twiki web, at DungeonsAndDragons.WebHome Main.KevinSeghetti 18 Jul 2009
URLs of free online books * * * * http...
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My gnupg public key can be obtained by executing: gpg recv keys keyserver 7C44455B or by copying the following to a text file: BEGIN PGP PUBL...
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Should gay people be allowed to marry? This is an easy one. The constitution says the church and state should be seperate. Marriage is clearly a church concept. T...
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! Notes on my laptop. ! make WG511T work from Here is a simple and easy way to get the Netgear Wg511T card up and r...
This is Kevin Seghetti's newbie guide to Magic Online. This contains some information about Magic Online which I had to find the hard way because I couldn't find ...
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The US government claims that Microsoft has a monopoly. They have gone through great expense to convict them of this, and are still bickering about what the remed...
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Music I have written: Lately I have playing bass and guitar a lot with Rocksmith, so hankering to record again. I also recently purchased a Maschine, so am starti...
Random notes, not complete, nor even edited yet: I'm with Thomas Jefferson on this one: http://press Ideas can...
Kevin Seghetti's Programming page This is just getting started, I am just pasting in things I have said elsewhere. Eventually this will get some organization. Th...
This is a WikiWikiWeb page listing Linux users in the Redding, CA area. Feel free to add your name and email address or comments to this page by clicking the Edit...
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I think ones has a right to ones own beliefs. It is only when they starts to interfere with others that I have a problem with religion. There have been so many at...
write test more SandBox2 Main.KevinSeghetti 30 Apr 2005
testing more Main.KevinSeghetti 12 Aug 2005
Find out where I've journeyedon the Map of Human SexualityOr get your own here! Main.KevinSeghetti 21 Jan 2015
Recently I have been considering writing some of the stories of my life down, in the hopes that someone may find them interesting. This page is where I am going t...
List of projects I wish someone would do for me Handyman * Fix broken eve where tree fell on it * install door sweeps * obtain and install transition pi...
1983 * July: Kevin takes GED * Fall: Kevin takes classes at Shasta college 1984 * Spring: Kevin takes Television production class, starts volunteering at ...
KevinSeghetti's unschooling page These are my thoughts/notes on the subject of school, I add more as I think of it, so portions may seem disjointed, and it hasn't...
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Arg. It amazes me how bad user interfaces are. * Lack of dead space How often have you pulled down a menu, moved the pointer over an entry, tried to click on i...
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Kevin Seghetti home page Kevin Seghetti is the father of the Tenetti family. I currently work as a freelance contractor Resume M...
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This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e mail when topics change in this KevinSeghetti web. This is a convenient service, so you do not ha...
KevinSeghetti Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the KevinSeghetti web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in ., an...
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