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At the last meeting we discussed expanding the meetings to 2 a month. It was proposed that the first meeting be free form, and that the second have some sort of agenda or goal.

We also decided that Upper Crust Pizza was a suitable meeting spot. It wzsn't crowded, even on a Sunday, there is lots of room and there are even accessible power outlets in case someone wants to bring a laptop.

-- KevinSeghetti - 29 Apr 2005

  • Kevin and I waited and no one else came. We concluded, especially with the holidays and winter season at the door step now, that we should at least consider holding only one meeting a month. I don't have a lot of time, so that would be better for me, too. Maybe a change of venue would be a good change, too. I'd personally like to have the venue somewhere on the west side of town, but we could vote on that (if there's anyone left). Really, I've been wanting to get the site up, but I just don't have a lot of time. I think it would help a lot if there was content. Feel free to suggest or contribute and I'll hook something up. Otherwise I'll just give the domains to someone. -- TimGreer - 20 Nov 2005 9:13 PM PST.
  • There were three of us tonight. Kevin, Doug and I discussed everything from myBizOffice to (foundordead sounds too much like foudherdead), we planned some Google hardware that will rule the earth (think eyeos + Web Based Apps) , sat in awe of the projects from mini-itx and even ate a little pizza. Over all, a good meeting. -- JamesAlspach - 05 Oct 2005 %TIME%
  • I was the only regular who showed up, but there was a new person there (so I am glad I showed up). His name is Doug Potts, and he runs -- KevinSeghetti - 03 Oct 2005 %TIME%
  • How did Sundays meeting go? I hope it went well. I am sorry that I did not make it. I hope I was the only one. -- JamesAlspach - 20 Sep 2005 %TIME%
  • -- TWikiGuest - 26 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • There was a grand total of 2 ppl tonight. We discussed everything from to and many things in between (shockingly, not all Linux related). In an effort to increase attendance I am going to try and put together a flier this week to take to the college and post on the boards. Hopefully that will bring more folks to the next meeting. BTW...Thanks for the pizza! -- JamesAlspach - 22 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • 5.5 people showed up to the Tuesday August 2 meeting. Topics included: the ever constant debate of PHP vs. Perl. Sides were chosen and lines were drawn. It would have gotten ugly if it weren't so late and we weren't so tired. More discussion on recruitment, and still no volunteers stepped up to take over and put up signs and run ads in the paper. Wiki was discussed, as was RedLug, and the proud proud fact that Wiki hasn't been killed yet. After several acronyms were tossed about, the conversation digressed to why barbies are always naked and how Kevin didn't remember to buy pizza for his wife until AFTER the ovens were switched off. Oops. Did I spill the beans? -- TWikiGuest - 04 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • 4 People showed up to the Sunday, May 15th meeting. Topics discussed included: recruitment, securing online machines, the RedLUG site, and this wiki -- KevinSeghetti - 16 May 2005 %TIME%
  • Only 3 people showed up at the Tuesday, May 4rd meeting. We discussed the demise of meetup, this wiki, and the future of RedLUG. -- KevinSeghetti - 04 May 2005 %TIME%

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