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There are 2 RedLUG meetings every month, one on the first Tuesday and one on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

The Tuesday meeting is freeform, with no set agenda, and the Sunday meeting usually (will eventually anyway) has some specific topic.

The next freeform RedLUG meeting will be on Tuesday, December 6th, 2005 at 7:00 PM, at UpperCrustPizza

The next topic oriented meeting will be on Sunday, December 18th, 2005 at 6:00 PM, also at UpperCrustPizza The topic may be growing the RedLUG user base.

  • Kevin and I waited and no one else came. We concluded, especially with the holidays and winter season at the door step now, that we should at least consider holding only one meeting a month. I don't have a lot of time, so that would be better for me, too. Maybe a change of venue would be a good change, too. I'd personally like to have the venue somewhere on the west side of town, but we could vote on that (if there's anyone left). Really, I've been wanting to get the site up, but I just don't have a lot of time. I think it would help a lot if there was content. Feel free to suggest or contribute and I'll hook something up. Otherwise I'll just give the domains to someone. -- TimGreer - 20 Nov 2005, 9:10 PM PST.
  • Let the Shasdoting begin! Ok, so I only put up 6 fliers in the main quad but, I will put up more early this week when the buildings are open. I pretty much just printed out the redlug site and replaced the text at the bottom of the page with "visit for more info" I wish that site was more of an index page for the twiki. On the one hand I did not want to try and direct people to the twiki address but, on the other, I hate to direct them to a place holder that just has a link to here...Oh well. It will get the job done. -- JamesAlspach - 06 Nov 2005 %TIME%
  • It does not look like I am going to be able to make it to the meeting tonight, I have some things going at home I need to take care of. I will be at the next one and, I really will put up some fliers at Shasta before the next meeting. Expect a Shasdoting of the WIKI soon wink -- JamesAlspach - 02 Nov 2005 %TIME%
  • I am on my way to the meeting. Will I be the only one? I missed the last two so it woudl not suprise me much. I will let you know later on. Hope to see you there! -- JamesAlspach - 05 Oct 2005 %TIME%
  • I didn't make it either, because I totaly spaced it (I have my computer set to remind me, but I didn't work that day, so wasn't at my computer). So it sounds like none of the regulars showed up, I wonder if anyone else did? -- KevinSeghetti - 08 Sep 2005 %TIME%
  • I just don't have time tonight to make it. I wasn't really looking, but accepted a job offer that a company made that I couldn't refuse. Not so much a problem on any usual day, given the hours I work (6a to 3 p) except that I have to finish up some stuff tonight and can't get away. I'm posting this as the meetup is happening, I've been so busy I didn't have a chance to post until now. This should be the only meeting I miss. -- TimGreer - 07 Sep 2005
  • I am a bit under the weather so I will probably not be at tonight's meeting. This is unfortunate since it is on track to be the largest turnout in a long time (5 and a half to 6 people). Hope y'all have a good time and I will catch you on the next one. -- JamesAlspach - 06 Sep 2005 %TIME%
  • Hey. Did you all miss us? The day before the first day of school was not a good night for us, so we flaked out on the meeting. However I have a list of ideas for meeting topics (mostly stolen from Tim) than I will bring with me for the Tuesday event. -- TWikiGuest - 26 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • Not at all Tim. Feeling is hard to pick up online and so I always assume the best. Especially when it is people I know. In this case, I did not have to assume. I was sure you were kidding. By the way, the automatic update and underlined meeting date hack on the redlug site is pretty hip. I know that there are a million ways to do it (including manually making the updates) but I assume you scripted it. How did you set it up? Did you use Perls Date::Calc or some other module? It is not a big deal, I am just curious. Thanks! -- JamesAlspach - 24 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • Of course, I was kidding about my suggestion before (I hope that didn't seem sarcastic or come off like a dick). A Linux mag might have actually worked better for more people anyway. smile -- TimGreer - 22 Aug 2005 (\%TIME\% has no meaning in this wiki)
  • Thanks for the hint but my Linux Journal mag worked just as well. I will try to attend the next meeting but I will be late on Tuesdays going forward so hopefully others will be there to pick up the slack. -- JamesAlspach - 22 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • James, go to the store, buy a penguin, or just get a piece of paper and a marker pen and use your imagination, ya damn PHP lovin' fool! And, hey, I'm all for C, just keep PHP's dirty rotten mittens off C. -- TimGreer - 12 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • I will be at UpperCrust for the next meeting. I may be by myself or, there may be others brought in by the hometownredding ad. Who knows, maybe even TWikiGuest will be granted a name by then wink If so, with Tim out of the picture, we can discuss a PHP/C hybred (CHP perhaps) which we can use to take over the world! Alas, I do not have a Tux, so I will dress casually and try to take something to give away our position. Perhaps a book of some sort that only a geek would enjoy reading. -- JamesAlspach - 12 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • I figure I should post this, in case someone not at the last meetings attends this one. I probably won't make it to the meeting on the 21st--I will be out of town. However, I'm sure there will be others attending and there's been talk about meeting at the lake or something. If so, someone should post that information here, and if the meeting is going to happen or not (Kevin mentioned it was his son's birthday and they'd be out of town as well, I believe?). -- TimGreer - 12 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • Yeah... well... I... I changed the dates of the next meetings. See, I do... stuff. smile

Seriously though, I'm glad that the page allowed me to edit it (finally). I might get a chance this weekend to do some meaningful updates to the RedLug site. We'll see. Anyway, thanks for contributing to the group.-- TimGreer - 04 Aug 2005 (this time stamp is wrong, why show it)
  • Hi everyone. So I put an ad in the Hometown Redding online classified ad section for us. My little contribution to the support of the group. takes you there directly. -- TWikiGuest - 04 Aug 2005 %TIME%
  • Hey everyone. Sorry if I blinded anyone on the way out, I only noticed my headlights were on bright 1/2 way home (I was right behind Kevin at a light, too). heh -- TimGreer - 03 Aug 2005 %TIME% (this time stamp is wrong)
  • First of all I would like to apologize for the stare and my unbuttoned shirt. jk
Seriously, I am sorry nobody was there. The last few months we have toped out at at handful of the usual suspects. I knew I would not be at this last meeting and I remember some talk of having the meeting on Kevin's boat. Nobody expected the new people would actually be interested in attending. This is no excuse though. Although it looks like we are going to be a man down for a while (good luck Steve, if you run across any other interesting projects (VOIP or not) let me know!) I still hold out hope that we can get something rolling. What would our new guest be interested in seeing at a LUG meeting? We have tossed out some ideas in the past but the one who had the most thoughts is moving on for a while. I for one will be at the next scheduled meeting place and time. Kevin, is there a way for the TWiki to support an RSVP sort of deal like meetup had? I think even with the drawbacks, that may be better especially if moving forward we can get more participants. Heres hoping we can get something moving forward. -- JamesAlspach - 29 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • Well, I have resigned my current job at the Anderson high school district, and will be starting a new one late next week. So I expect to be pretty swamped with my responsibilities at the new job, and just trying to come up to speed on the technical environment there. So I expect to be inactive with respect to linux for a little while (at least several months). Just wanted to post and let you all know that my linux plans and RedLUG activity will go on hold for the forseeable future. Thanks for all your help up 'til now, and best of luck getting the group organized. -- Steve -- SteveMoffett - 20 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • This is the ultimate in ironic. Your topic was growing the redlug user base. And when 2 new members show up, no one was there! May I make a suggestion? You can best increase membership by having a club. Ok, that was a bit harsh. After all, I did get a nice pizza. And the opportunity to watch an overly hairy man who refused to button up his shirt stare way to long at my breasts. Ok, that part was creepy. I really would have loved to seen TUX and had a nice chat. If you are going to cancel, relocate, or reschedule, can you please post the change? -- TWikiGuest - 18 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • The meeting tonight was much shorter than normal. I ran out of things to say to myself about 7:30 wink Oh well, I got some pizza out of the deal. Anyway, Steve, the first two (SambA and LamP)I know first hand, as for #3 (SnorT), well I would like to learn more about it so I look forward to reading what others post. -- JamesAlspach - 06 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • Kevin, that sounds fun. Anyway, I won't be able to make it either. I'm bidding on a serious and rare item on eBay and the bidding ends just before 8 PM tonight! There's no way I can let this item slip by. I've only seen two others in the last 3 years and both times the auction ended early and the seller decided not to sell. I was looking at the end time and it hit me that the meeting was happening--unfortunate timing. -- TimGreer - 05 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • Tim, as far as what I'd like to do with Linux, here is something of a rank-ordered list of what I would like to implement in my school district... (1) A simple Samba file server for the tech department, internal access only, with some form of backup, preferably to our Exabyte tape loader, (2) an internet exposed "LAMP" box for a specialty web site (backup required also), and (3) a snort/MySQL/BASE-type IDS, starting with one machine and eventually moving to a distributed architecture. I'm partial to Debian because I'm able to get a pretty clean base system installed and running already. James, I checked out Shorewall after you mentioned it at a meeting some time ago. It looked like I was going to have to learn a whole new set of terms and config file formats for Shorewall, so I felt I might as well learn iptables instead? Kevin, I'm all for doing question/answer here on the wiki. Let's try it. -- SteveMoffett - 04 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • I probably won't make it to Tuesday's meeting.
How about if we hold Sunday's meeting on my patio boat on Lake Shasta? Clearly that would mean an earlier time, and it would last more than 2 hours. -- KevinSeghetti - 04 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • (in answer to Steve's comments) I think the meetings are too short and too infrequent to be the only source of beginner information. So I think we should be more active on this wiki. Lets have a questions page and try to help people work through Linu issues as they come up. So, pick something you want to accomplish with Linux and we will try to walk you through it, and the meetings can help to solidify information. -- KevinSeghetti - 04 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • Although I ahve not used it myself in about 4 years, I have heard great things lately about Bastille Linux. It will secure a handfull of distro's with explanation / teaching along the way. As for firewall stuff, I have been happy with ShoreWall although many of the LEAFpacakges work well also (if you are looking for a stand alone firewall). Hope that helpos some. -- JamesAlspach - 02 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • Steve, you feel how you feel and it's not unjustified by any means, so no worries and I don't think you're off-base at all. Nothing has really come of the meetings in regard to useful information. We need topics and tasks to brainstorm on, recommend software or solutions and the like. What sort of things are you looking to do? As for security aspects you mentioned, what are you concerns, what will you run per interfaces, protocols and applications, and in what environment (if applicable)? Will the system be hooked up to the Internet and act as a web/file server, or just a home PC a network PC/workstation on a LAN or WAN, or on the Net? What distribution are you wanting to probably go with, or have you decided or care? I'm sure there's many people that would be happy to suggest or provide answers. -- TimGreer - 02 Jul 2005 %TIME%
  • Hey guys, I am still interested in Linux, but have just been swamped with tasks lately. I just kinda fell off the face of the earth, but I'm sorta back now, and I think the group should keep going. Sounds like the group is losing steam though, so I want to be honest and give you my thoughts on the group... ve been a Windows guy for a while now, but I'm really interested in learning Linux because I think it can provide a lot of utility, flexibility, and still do this on older hardware (I work in a school district where we just can't refresh the hardware that often). But, when I come to the meetings, most of what's going on is over my head, plain and simple. I think I understand networking, security, and general OS concepts pretty well, but I just don't have the linux chops at this point. What I would like to get out of the group is some kind of structured (at least minimally) hands-on work. I'm not asking for somebody to teach me a college-level linux class, but I just know that every time I try to do something with linux, I usually don't get past first base because there's always some piece of the knowledge puzzle that I just don't have. With Windows, I can usually fill in the blanks with a little research, but with linux, I try to research it, but because of all the diversity in the linux world, I find about a thousand solutions to my problem, and maybe the 5th or 6th one actually works (if I'm lucky). I also feel that I don't have the OS knowledge to be able to properly secure a linux box, so that has always kept me from being able to put one in production. I really think there would be a lot of demand for some 'lower level' linux events that cater to folks like me. There are a lot of us who grew up on Micro$oft and would like to learn something new and break away from the proprietary stuff -- but the barriers to entry are big, and having a support system is important. I'm not whining about this -- just telling it like it is. I enjoy the social aspects of the meetings as they are now, but for the most part, I'm not able to take away anything useful, so my motiviation to attend the meetings in their current format is really low. So that's my 2 cents worth ;^) Sorry for the long post. Let me know if I'm off base. -- SteveMoffett - 28 Jun 2005 %TIME%
  • Sorry I had pink eye for the last meeting and this one falls on Fathers day so I will not be atending. I hope to catch everyone on the 5th if we are having a metting then and we have not totally disbanded wink -- JamesAlspach - 18 Jun 2005 %TIME%
  • I was about an hour late, looked around, and waited for a few and figured no one showed, or the people that did had left. Unfortunately I didn't remember the meetup until about 7:30 as I was driving somewhere else. I had it written on my calendar and planned to go that night, but somehow in the hours before I had become so busy that I simply forgot all about it. That's okay, I got caught up at work that night anyway. What a week (or two!) -- TimGreer - 13 Jun 2005 %TIME%
  • My calendar program completely failed to remind me to send out reminders for the Tuesday meeting, and I remembered it about 7, so arrived at 7:12, and didn't see any RedLUGers there. I trolled the dinning room carrying Tux, but no luck. So the Tuesday meeting was basically canceled because I didn't remind anyone of it. -- KevinSeghetti - 08 Jun 2005 %TIME%

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