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Automatic email notification of wiki changes

Any email addresses on this page will get email notifications whenever major changes are made to any wiki page.

I tried to emit HTML since the results of the diff are HTML, but I need to learn more about the MTA first.

(and maybe sometime in the future I should look into doing this in php inside of of phpwiki)

The perl script which does this can be downloaded from:

This script needs to be run at whatever rate you want email notifications to occur (I run it once an hour). Here is a sample crontab entry: 0 * * * * /home/kts/ "http:///index.php/"

The username and password fields allow the script to work on password protected sites, if yours isn't just enter bogus values.

This has only been tested on PHPWiki 1.3.3 on ~RedHat 7.2 with qmail installed. You will also need to install wget if it isn't already. The first time this is run it will think all recent changes are new and report them.

Just add your email address to the list below to receive notifications (email address must be precceded by mailto (followed by a colon))

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