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Feb 27 39 week check
Nora not happy with BP, wants toxemia test,

Feb 28
decide to NST becsue there are no other signs of toxemia

March 1 NST
Bed rest
hot tub

March 3 Baby Shower
March 12 Birth
woke me up choking on mucus, cold, warmed skin-to-skin

March 13 Mike died
Mom visited, missed check because Nora had to go to Mike in Sac

March 14 Rhogam
Nora called, made arrangements to get Rhogam at Shasta Community Health Center, went to wrong building, Dr. Bosworth very nice and respectful, Milk came in that night, very painful, not sure Cal is really latched on well or getting anything, cry all night, call LC in morning,

March 15 LC
see Susan Spencer at 4:00, everything greatly improved, reassures us, mom leaves

March 16 Ped PKU
see what we think is blood in diaper, call Marrille/Kerry, Susan, Susan recommends Dr. Hu, see Dr. Hu, red brick dust,
8 lb 9 oz
PKU test, horrible

March 17 rest

March 18 Funeral
lost umbilical cord

March 19 Chiro

March 20 Check up with Nora
9 lb 8 oz

March 24
Met Marrill

April 5
Met Pectol family
'looked' at me for the first time

April 9
Really started looking and interacting with us

April 22
First roadtrip (4 hr drive)
Met Bobbie and Bob

April 26
Check with Nora
12 lb 2 oz. 23 in

April 30
Noticed hands

May 4
Met Aunt Brenda

May 11
Batting at toys on his playgym

May 12
Inconsolable crying

June 2
Grasps cloth in hand
First trip to coast

June 11
Holds head up while lieing om tummy
Holding toys and clothes well
Plays with feet

June 27

June 28
props up on arms while on tummy

July 2

July 4
sitting propped on hands

July 15
ringworm on leg?

July 20
21 lbs

rolling both ways

July 27

July 29
"crawling" - head plow

sucking thumb
first sail

July 30
treat ringworm with garlic, big no-no
burned Cal, now treating with TTO

August 3
sitting up

August 5
Growth spurt

August 9

August 11
trip to Mt. Shasta Ski Park

August 13
rolling lunge kick

August 18
first ride in shopping cart, held on w/both hands

August 30
chest off floor on knees
ate a little banana

Sept 3
sitting great

Sept 15
first raspberry

Oct 5
pulled to stand
moving from sit to crawl

Oct 10
purposely put one thing inside another

Oct 16
crawled a couple steps
cruised a bit
claps by smacking backs of hands

Oct 22
bit of tooth poking thru lower right
stood twice w/o support

Oct 27
crawling great
cruising great

Oct 29
said mama

Nov 11
said daddy

Nov 16
2nd tooth lower left


he had a little plastic door (about the size of a graham cracker), he pushed it around on the floor while making car noises

Dec 10
Climbed up on foot stool

Dec 22
12 hour low grade fever


Jan 10
first cold
spray and suck

Jan 20
fever, diarreha, 4 days

Feb 5
threw up everything twice

feb 10
top right tooth coming thru
top left swollen

feb 13
standing very well unsupported

standing climbing cruising on the GO

apr 5
tooth 5 upper right
eating everything in sight

apr 12
points at everything and wants it named

apr 22
2, 3, 6 steps at a time

apr 28

drinking from a straw
J19th-car accident
loves his sandals, brings them to me to put on
brings me package of crackers when he wants some
tugs at my shirt when he wants to nurse
spins in place
J26th-first swim in lake, tripped and went under
draws on paper with crayon/pen
hands me things he knows he shouldn't have when I leave them out (ear plugs)
really experimenting with sounds, jabbering all the time
claps palms together
Where's Calvin? There he is!

Cutting 5 teeth on the 4th, lots of blood
had a great 4th, loved the fireworks
took him to the ocean, strollered him \xBD mile from parking lot to ocean, set him down at water's edge, he looked around, then headed east, walked the whole way back

It was late, we were up and tired, I asked him, \x93Don't you want to go to bed?\x94 He walked a ways away from me, turned around, frowned at me and shook his head no. Hilarious. His first definite\x93NO.\x94

Mystery rash, pink raised rash with oval spots here and there, research tells me it is a virus and will clear on it's own.
3rd - fell forward on concrete, caught himself with his hands, stinging hands. Fell again and didn't use hands, smacked his face, got huge fat lip and big scab.
Working on going up and down steps without putting hands down.
Words - HI, he says this all the time and wants to hear it back; YEAH, he says this when he accomplishes something; OW, he says this when he gets hurt. He also speaks dog and cat. He says ow to both of them, but with Gomez it is a meow meow sound and with Cinco it a Ow Ow Ow barking sound.
When we ask him where something is (the cat) he holds his hands out, palms up, in an \x93I don't know\x94 gesture and says, \x93O Dil E O\x94. Also, when asked where the cat is, he looks around and says, Ow, Ow in a questioning tone.
Points to body parts when asked where they are. Nose, chin, eyes, ears, toes, head, fingers, hair
25th-hummed, Scott called it the \x93Happy Booby Song\x94 because Calvin was nursing the first time he hummed.
27th - drank from a glass without help.
Has spent every Wed evening this month with Grandpa and Grandma in preparation for the Rush concert.
Went to play the synth keyboard, no sound came out, looked at amp and turned it on, played keyboard; now he checks the amp first
More teeth
Finds the dog's wagging tail hilarious
Turns the fan on and yells into it to hear the reverb

Words he understands - cat, dog, water, daddy mama, baby/doll, book, teddy bear, oatmeal, hungry, food, cookie, cracker, car, block, push, pull, ceiling, window, bottle/jar, sandal, diaper, ball, drum, computer, light, fan

Moved a stool over to his toy shelves so he could reach the higher toys
knows the difference between on and off

Mid-Late Aug
Met a great group of women and kids Brandi/Scott, Sofia and Eve
Selena/Jeff, Daniel and Anna
Jenn/Andy, Paige and Claire
Jennifer/Peter, Riley and Kaliana
Corrinne/?, Sabrina
Jula/Walter?, Shanti and Lukas
Ellen/?, Quinn and Samuel
These months were very stressful, flowing one into the other. Calvin's rash got worse. We couldn't figure out what it was. He was miserable.
Guesstimating dates - Early Sept, went to Dr. L. He says rash is allergic reaction. Puts him on many immune boosting things. Try to ellminate until we find allergin. Cal and I go on ellmination diet (potatoes and rice). Doesn't make any difference. Early Oct., Dr. L sends us to Dr. P. He says posion oak (I think becaue we suggested it). He gived Cal prednisone, shot and scrip. His first shot. frown, sad smile Rash clears while on it. I don't want to keep him on it becaue it is an immune suppresant. Late Oct. we go to allergist, Dr. M. He has blood work done. Calvin has level three allergy to cats, and level 1-2 for dog, dust, mold. We steam clean and dust the whole house. He gives us scrip for ecxema cream. Find out later it is immune suppresant and stop using it. It wasn't doing much anyway. Rash gets better and worse. Gomez dies Dec. 17. Rash gets really bad over Christmas becasue I'm giving Cal a lot of diary. When the diary goes the rash gets better. Not too bad on Jan. 5
Blood test showed no food allergies, including diary. But, I know the diary made his rash worse. It exacerbates Kevin's allergies and it clearly does the same to Cal.
Through all this Calvin has been very cranky and irritable. I don't think he grows or develops much when the rash is really bad.

Sept. 11, Birthday for Sofia and Eve
Oct. 21, Opened Celestial Cloth Crafts
Oct. 31, Blue Water Fairy for Halloween
Nov. 25, Calvin was bent over with his head and hands on the floor. I said, "Do a somersalt". And he did! Just went right over. He is very good at somersaults now and does them of his own accord.
Calvin learned to say "No" tonight. At dinner, we were offering him food and he kept turning his head and saying "No" in this really cute, tiny voice. He did eventually eat, but it was when and how he wanted to. LOL I'm sure I won't find that "No" so cute in the coming years.
Dec. Started saying - bubble, ball and wall. Makes an engine noise for car, and still barks and meows for dog and cat. Says Momma and Dada without being promted. Knows both grandmas and grandpa and will point at them when you ask, "Who is Grandma/pa?" Constantly asking the names of everything.
Calls his step stool "dewey", carries it everywhere, it is his #1 tool
Loves bubbles, baths and reading


Jan 2003
"Yay, Whoa" when he's having fun or accomplishing a new skill
Calls breast/nursing "Bwee". I think because I say boobie.
10 - Learned to jump straight up
knows/says bowl, habin (bathroom) (KevinSeghetti -- I think it sounds more like abum)
likes nature walks

When offered something (like food), will say "Yea" if prompted (if you want a fruit bar, say Yea).

Feb 2003
Throws his ball down the hill and runs after it withour hesitating
17th - 3 new words - dow (towel), eyesh (ice) and abow (elbow). :)
Realizing the sounds he is making are words is really fun. He kept repeating "dow" after his bath. He learned ice from his computer program. It showed him a drawing of an iceberg and said "ice". He was saying "eyesh" over and over and suddenly it clicked in my head what he was saying. Then, Kevin brought him an ice cube. It was the same with elbow. I was putting a shirt on him and he said "ow". So, I must have pulled or twisted his arm. When I was done, he was saying "abow" over and over. Again, it clicked in my head. I wonder if that's what it is like in his head. If it's like, "Oh, that's the word that goes with that thing!"

Feb 20th,2003: New word: Knee
Feb 21st,2003: New word: Doe (Toe)
Feb 22nd,2003: New word: away (waay), starting to say "Yea" without prompting

Late Feb., I was cleaning out my office. I found a mouse pad with S&T on it. I gave it to Calvin. I went back to cleaning up and wasn't paying attention to Calvin anymore. I didn't even see him leave and come back until he put something on the floor. When I looked, it was the old mouse pad from his computer. Apparently, he had figured out what the thing I gave him was, decided he liked it better than what he had and swapped them. He amazes me sometimes.

March -
Began NAET treatments
Jack and Travis move here.
Calvin is having a blast with them here. He is outside most of the day and is soooo busy.
Late March -
Bad cough with stuffed nose. Wasn't able to nurse for three days.
Is going to sleep without nursing more often.
learned to pedal his trike

May 13-
Said 'thank you" appropriately and without prompting :)

Learning colors, yellow first, then red, blue and green.
Might be picking up on numbers. As I handed him sticks, he said two and three with the second and third.
Learning shapes, knows diamond and circle best.

July 4 - When we got to mom's, Kevin was holding Calvin. Calvin could see the neighbor's door. He pointed and said"2". Then, he said "1" at mom's door. So, he definitely recognizes those numbers.

July 7 - Said first complete sentence - I want the book.

Is nursing less and less, skips his nap quite often, sometimes goes to sleep without nursing

Found a cure/treatment for the eczema - Eczema is completely gone!

Talking up a storm.


Told me he loved me all on his own. :D

Last nursed on Dec 13th. On the 20th, I asked him if he was ever going to want bwee again. He said, "no". Then, I asked if he was all done nursing. He said, "Yes". :~( big grin I'm glad he is done. Nursing was hurting because I'm pretty sure my milk had dried up. But, I am sad that this phase is over. He definitely isn't a baby anymore.

Had pretty bad flu from the 14th through the 21st. His first illness without nursing and it was rough. I had to find new ways to comfort him.

2004 April 2004
Calvin was jumping on the couch. His foot went down between cushions and he fell. He smacked his mouth into the end table. Came up screaming and dripping blood. We rushed to the ER. They gave him a pop cicle and waited for him to calm down. Then, they checked his teeth and mouth. His front left tooth was sitting lower than normal. They said it might or might not fall out but it would probably die.
The next day, he tripped again and hit his mouth again. The tooth was even lower. We went into the dentist. Very traumatic for all. We had to tie him down in the papoose board to do the x-rays and later to pull the tooth. It was over very quickly, but still awful. Thankfully, the permanant tooth wasn't hurt.


Sept. 13, 2005
Calvin in the tub. Singing "We will, we will rock you! We will, we will rock you!"

Oct. 22
saw a pic of ice skates called them "sled shoes" smile called a watch a "clock belt"

Oct. 23
At a camp fire, Kevin offered Calvin a marshmellow. Calvin, Said I want one that's not on fire.


April 2006

april 13 Calvin in the tub. Singing "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Domo. Domo"!"

Is spelling 3 letter words and adding and subtracting single digits


he says, Compeller ( = propeller), Destructions (= instructions ), Intesticles (=intestines)

June 7

Wrote his name for the first time

called Daffy Duck "Duffy Daddles" has called Bugs Bunny "Funny Bunny" for months

August 17 -

Playing with boats and waterway. Says he is going to hook a man (lego) up to a chain and put the chain on a boat and make the baot go really fast and drag the man. After, he find the chain and man, he goes back out side and says, "He's going to get druggin...(pause, thinking)...draggon.

August 20 -

He said, "I have a short remembery, like grandma."

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